Monday, 30 June 2008

Street Food - Part 1

Doh !!! I had completely forgotten to write about the wondrous street food we have encountered on our travels so far. These have mostly been fantastic, though with everything you always get some dodgy street food, that could leave you in the toilet for the best part of a day or two. Touch wood this will not happen to us, it hasn't so far. But we have had some bad street food. Rule of thumb, if a stall is busy, then 99 tiimes out of a hundred it will be good and the food is fresh. 
One of the best street stalls we encountered early one was in Phnom Penh in Cambodia. Just a little stall with a girl deep frying various bits and bobs. She had a few low seats around two equally low plastic tables. I noticed the constant crowd of people always there from the balcony outside of our hotel room. So one day we walked behind the hotel, and decided to have a closer look. She had what looked like an array of sausages and meats, most were recognisable. 
We sat down, and pointed to a few bits and bobs. Quite a lot of different type of sausages, bit of smoked tofu, some spiced chicken wings. These were then deep fried. We were given different dipping sauces for the different bits we had. The sauces, some were hot, some were sour, but all worked quite well with the different bits we had. A salad was provided also which I ate. We were quite happy with what she had cooked for us, and it was quite a bit, as we repeated some of the sausages again, with some different ones. We noticed an animal, which I thought was some form of bird, but actually tuned out to be a frog. Why not we say. Have to say it was damn nice, little bloody bones though. One nearly got tuck in the back of my throat. After getting whacked on the back by Lina, who seemed to enjoy it, the bone was dislodged. 
All this for a few dollars, excellent. This would have gone fantastic with a bottle of cold beer. But hey ho. Until the next update ........ 

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