Thursday, 29 August 2013

Last Chance Saloon for Tonkotsu

I’ve been a few times to Tonkotsu and have always gone with high expectations that it will be much better than the last time I ate, but I’ve always left feeling disappointed.
This time though on a post gym meal, I left deeply disappointed that I’ve decided I will not be returning again.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Rant

I’ve waited several weeks before I could put finger to keyboard and rant about an experience we had at Mishkins.
I feared that before now I would have just gone off on one and ended up really bitching and being hateful, which I’m not but it was a shit experience.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Cafe Sizzles, but not with me

I’m a big lover of the good ol’ English caff and try and frequent them as often as possible, but with trying to keep a bit of middle age spread in check, it’s not as often as I would like.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Southern Cooking @ Joe's

Joe’s Southern Kitchen and Bar opened last month, aptly on the 4th July, pure marketing genius in my opinion.
Previously known as Navajo Joe, which I never got to eat at, Joe’s Southern Kitchen and Bar is brining the authentic taste of the American Deep South to Covent Garden.