Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Cafe Sizzles, but not with me

I’m a big lover of the good ol’ English caff and try and frequent them as often as possible, but with trying to keep a bit of middle age spread in check, it’s not as often as I would like.
Normally after my Sunday morning gym sessions my stomach gives me about 30 minutes to get some nourishment inside it or else, which means I can make it to Caravan, Salvation Jane, the Pho Mile and even the Jolly Butcher for a fine Sunday roast and a few craft beers. Yes I know not the perfect thing to do after running 6km, but hey I only goto the gym so I can eat more.  
This given Sunday however, I had to do a little shopping in the Farmers Market at the top end of Chapel Market in Angel.
There are a few places to eat in the market, the porchetta sandwiches good, but I wanted something a tad greasy, maybe the taco stand which no one seems to ever goto. Just answered that silly question.
As the mother in law is with us and her fussy eating habits I am craving unhealthy food. Yes I know, I’ve just run my guts out in the gym and I’m gonna have a fry up. Don’t ask, it’s me, I have problems I know, but what can we do.
So I think I’ve done a lot of the caff’s along this road and all are pretty much the much really, but hey one I haven’t tried, Cafe Sizzles. Bit of a silly name.
After checking out their ornate menu in the window I decide to give them a try and see how they were. Well without going into too much detail, it was pretty rubbish and won’t be tried again.
Even though I have trained as a chef and my omelettes at home are what every Colombian would call “uncooked” or as the French would say a little baveuse, ie bloody perfect.
But for some reason in these caff’s I like their overcookedness, it’s a memory thing, it’s how I always thought an omelette should be cooked, with plenty of melting gooey cheese and served with chips and to this day when I go into a caff its how I want my omelettes cooked and served.
This sad pathetic egg concoction was far from how I wanted it to be, no taste ie no bloody salt, dry, folded too many times, not enough filling, soggy frozen chips, a spinning plate that really annoyed me, rubbish on the tele, cheap tom sauce, basically the list goes on and on. As you can see ne and the Café Sizzles were not meant for each other, but it happens sometimes.

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