Sunday, 28 September 2008

Hawker Centre in Singapore ... Another good breakfast ...

As mentioned with our other fantastic breakfast in Singapore. The best food guide in Singapore took us to the Pek Kio Market and Food Centre. This place is right in the middle of a public housing estate. As all good hawkers centres they are very busy places. 

We were had coffee made at the New Fashion Coffee Stall. The owner only makes 200 cups a day. Once he has done that, he packs up and goes home. A nice life he has. His coffee is quite strong, and very cheap, but he still manages to give you a lot of condensed milk. How am I ever going to live without this once we get back to the England. 

Food wise, there is everything under the sun to choose from. We three separated and headed off in different directions to find us some food. All three of chose shops that had the longest queues. Lina went for noodle soup, Tay went for 2 different types of yam. One steamed like a cake with sweet soy sauce, the other had coconut shavings in the middle. I went for Nasi Lemak with Taiwan sausage thrown in for good measure. You can never keep a good breakfast down. Oddly enough we all spent about 3 Singapore dollars each. 

These places are a lifeline for some people. With the prices that the food and drinks are sold at, its more cost effective for people to come here for breakfast rather than cook it at home, plus they get to see friends and it's good for the community. Without them, people would be cooped up in their apartments being miserable. More than likely live less also. 

There was a fantastic market next door also. Selling fresh veg, meat and fish also. I wish that England had places like these rather than the soulless, soul destroying supermarkets that have been forced upon us and are driving the small local green grocers, butchers and fish mongers out of business. Why did we let this happen? I am sure Singapore will not go this way, but when big business has its way ....... Profits matter more than anything .

You can see a short video of the New Fashion Coffee Stall at : 


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J@feasttotheworld said...

Love the prawn noodles pic, along with the cup of kopi on the side....make me miss home (I'm from Singapore but left years ago)