Wednesday, 3 June 2009

FoodLab - Food of Love

I have been meaning to post this bog for ages now, but with the hassle of getting everything ready for our move to Colombia, everything not connected was put on the back burner….
We discovered The FoodLab which is set within a nice stretch of Essex Road. Quite near a good green grocer, good butcher and a very good fishmonger. A rarity in London these days.
We ate there on several occasions, either for breakfast, brunch or midweek lunch and the food was always lovingly made and served in its own individual style, all with the usual Italian flair. The restaurant (if you could call it that, as it feels more like an upmarket café) is decorated in true rustic Italian fashion, with the veg and fruits littering the shop. You regularly see the chefs taking their supplies of veg and fruit back to the kitchen to prepare a dish …
The FoodLab is only open in the morning for breakfast and stays open till about late afternoon. It has become a popular spot for lunch, especially so as it’s a stones throw away from Upper Street. The portions are quite large, which is good. The prices are good also. What more could you ask for …
The Full Italian Breakfast consists of pancetta, Italian sausages, and some homemade beans, eggs, as well as some great bread. It is a breakfast of kings. One I loved and had on several occasions. After making a million eggs Benedict at the restaurant, I could never face one there, but Lina had it a few times and enjoyed it.
Lunchtime pasta dishes include Pasta with Ceps, with Pheasant, Ragu Bolognaise, and I heard the Lasagne is truly great.
I haven’t tried them, as normally full after a plate of pasta, but the cakes look delicious. True pieces of art.
It’s one place I am going to miss, but maybe what ever we do in Colombia, the FoodLab has shown me to keep cooking with Love and you will never go wrong.

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