Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hamburgesas de la 80

Every country has it’s after hours food. That really bad food that you love to eat after you’ve had way too many drinks on a Friday or Saturday night.
My weakness was those kebab vans that you always found near pubs. It was a love hate relationship. They tasted soooo good once you lost all your taste buds. But once you were sober you despised yourself for eating such shit. They used the cheapest meat sucked off the bone by a machine then compacted into this oval shape ready to be cooked and then reheated time and time again until it was sold.
In Mexico I used to eat a lot of Gorditas. Deep fried fatty tacos. Just watching them cook you put on a few pounds, and your arteries clogged even before you took your first bite.
In Egypt the countless times I ate a Dynamita. A loaded pita sandwich that had everything bad for you in it. But soooo good…
All of these foods I have eaten and only should be eaten after several drinks. Never have I seen these foods being consumed by sober people. Until I hit Medellin. La 80 is one very long street and at several places along its busy roads are stalls selling some bad nasty food.
Not only are they bad for you health wise, but the portions are huge. The burgers would make any grown Texan cringe.
Did you know that all Paisas are banned from eating contests, because for them it’s an everyday meal.
Las hamburgesa stalls de la 80 are famous for cheap filling food. Only good for eating after way too many beers, but as I said the amount of people young or old, fat or thin cram around these nightly stalls gorging themselves on these monstrosities. Without been intoxicated.
As a so called foodie, I have my weaknesses. And these fatty, greasy foods that are not good for you. I do not know why, maybe it’s being in a city surrounded by bad and badly cooked food, that has weakened me. Please forgive me.
Maybe this is what this blog is all about.
Please forgive me for even thinking of going to these stalls without consuming unimaginable quantities of alcohol.
Please forgive me for my repeat visits to try all what they have to offer.
Please forgive me for ordering the special version of everything. Ie the larger version.
Please forgive me for actually thinking that as they have quails eggs they must be sophisticated, and therefore somehow ok to eat.
Please forgive me.

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Anonymous said...

You are actually funny!!!
I think that -as you say: even though we know this food is garbage we continue trying it and therefore eating it over and over again. It must not be so terrifying after all!