Wednesday, 27 January 2010

When a Steak isn’t a Steak. It’s Buffalo

San Martin offered us more culinary delights than just Patagonian Lamb. On one or two menus we saw deer and buffalo. Yes those water buffalos that the Italians imported from India to make Mozzarella. Well since Argentina is more or less made up of Italian immigrants. It was inevitable that fresh mozzarella would follow. Thankful it has.
How they shipped these beasts from India to Argentina is beyond me, but glad they did. As not only can we sample that moist tasty cheese, but we can also devour huge buffalo steaks. I could have just put Argentine size steaks, but huge was simpler. But you get that drift.
We wandered into Ku restaurant one night. It was packed. A good sign. We were hungry. So all other arguments for not eating here were thrown out of the window.
After a quick browse of the menu, it was very quick. As bambi featured in a steak version or as a stew. Not much competition there, as had too many steaks by this point, so fancied a change.
Lina had a much tougher dilemma. Ox heart or buffalo steak. I so wished she would had ordered both. But hey ho. She’s a little girl, and the meat is damn big. She opted for the buffalo steak.
Mine was actually a normal plate of food. Kinda surprising really, that they got the proportions just right. It was soft, juicy and the gravy was delightful. All served with some lovely pumpkin mash. Yum yum.
Lina’s steak was a huge piece of meat. This piece of sirloin cooked to perfect medium rare oozed subtle flavours and buffalo gameness. It was delish beyond measure. As I said she is only a small girl, and as a dutiful husband we swapped half way through and I devoured this steak. God it was good.
I actually wonder now how the ox heart would have been. Something if I see on a menu I will go straight for.

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