Monday, 21 June 2010

Heaven at Trinity

Trinity has been on my very large to eat list, for a very long time now. Even before the Princess began working there, it was there, but that just made me want to eat there even more. She’s a damn fine cook, plus she turned down the chance to work at Chez Bruce. So it had to be good.

So, as I was starting to crave some really really good food, you know food that knocks your socks off. That’s what I wanted and I was really hoping Trinity would provide it for me. As living in Colombia where food is for filling the belly, not nourishing the soul, I was in desperate need.
So in a random moment I gave them a call and booked in for a Monday night. The prix fixe menu only happens from Monday to Thursday. I mean £20 for 3 courses. This could turn out to be the bargain of the year.
South London is not a place I normally venture down to. I am enjoying the lofty heights of the north, so going south of the river is a real adventure. But needs must.
Trinity has a nice atmosphere, I really liked it from the minute we walked in. Nice tones, nice space between the tables. Cool place. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. The sommelier is slightly mad but we like that. It makes the place much more enjoyable when you have funny people working there.
As it was a Bank Holiday, they had scrapped the a la carte and tasting menus, and we were left with two prix fixe. The smaller one being £20, and the other much larger was £25. Both for three courses. Quality.

To the food. Starters consisted of a duck sausage roll with a smitten of sauce gribiche. I am an addict to sausage rolls, it’s a big weakness of mine, and this one was the most perfect one I had ever eaten. The meat was so flavoursome and had that perfect texture that I can only dream about. The pastry was flaky and cooked to perfection. The only let down was the slightly under seasoned sauce gribiche. Otherwise it was perfect.
Lina’s pig trotter on sourdough toast was a work of art. Well apart from it looked like a smiley face. A bit tacky. That’s the only bad thing I can say about it. The braised trotter was so so so so good, it was melt in the mouth good. It also came with a lengthy strip of crispy pork crackling and a couple of fried quails eggs.

We would have been happy if the meal ended there. But no, we had more treats to come.
The mains, one fantastic dish of sweetbreads, potatoes and other delights such as lambs hearts lettuce, sweetcorn, mushrooms and a dab of crème fresche. It worked so well. The sweetbreads were crispy on the outside and firm on the inside. Oh how I love offal. I think that was the best single dish I have eaten in several years. Every thing worked well either separate or together. The flavour and texture combinations hit my spot.

The other main of monkfish, chorizo, grilled squid and chickpeas, was as individual items perfect, but as a dish everything was slightly overpowered by the strength of the chorizo. But it was so damn good. Thankfully we both love chorizo, so we were not complaining.
I’m not normally a pudding man, but as it was 3 courses we had to have them. We shared one from each menu.

The chocolate and orange hotpot with poppy seed ice cream was like eating chocolate orange air. Beat that Terry’s. Words are beyond me to describe this pudding. So Moorish, so light, so good. I want more.
The other was an equally great but different cold custard with poached meringues with caramel. Well seasoned and light on the tongue. Very subtle flavours. Very nice.
As you can tell by my above review, we liked Trinity. I think Trinity has given me the best meal I’ve eaten in the last couple of years. I can see this place quickly becoming a favourite of mine. The damage was £100 including tip. Well worth every penny, especially with the slightly mad sommelier.
Trinity is at the Taste of London, which I was pretty tempted to goto just to eat their food again, but the thought of paying £20 entrance fee plus the food, I could have the tasting menu. An idea for when I return from my working trip.  
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Kavey said...

I tried that same pigs trotter on sourdough poilane with quails eggs and gribiche at Taste of London.

It was SUPERB and I absolutely want to visit their restaurant now, to try more!

Grumbling Gourmet said...

It's a cracker... It used to be a bit of a crappy wine bar, but has become a proper destination restaurant (It must be good, look at the number of people it tempts from Norf London!)

I haven't been for a year or so, but this has just reminded me how much I like it.. and £20 for a 3 course menu there is a deal. I'll be back!


The London Foodie said...

Good review, and thanks for the tip (£20 for a three course meal from Monday to Thursday), been meaning to go to Trinity for a while and will now on the strength of your review.

Luiz @ The London Foodie

Mzungu said...

Kavey - I saw the trotters on toast at the Taste of London. They are delsih.

GG - The prix fixe menu is on the bargains of London.

London Foodie - Trinity is firmly on my regular list of places to eat at. Once I get back from Asia