Thursday, 10 February 2011

Sunday Roast @ Le Mercury

Le Mercury is a good, not too expensive place to go and get some nice nourishing food. What it isn’t, is a good place to go for a Sunday Roast.
The food was good, I mean it best Sunday Roast I’ve ever had, but it also wasn’t the worst Sunday Roast. That still sits with The Bull. Still having nightmares about that.
What really spoilt it was the vibe of the place. If I was pre or post theatre, or on an early date with a girl, then this is the perfect place. It’s all very dimly lit, candle lit, romantically lit type of place.
The service is a little more than you would expect in a place such as this. It’s all a bit formal. It’s all a bit pre or post theatre.

It’s not for a Sunday Roast.
Saying that, the roast wasn’t bad. Nice cut of well cooked, juicy beef. A bit tight on the roasties, but they were good none the less. Well cooked carrots and broccoli. Pretty tasty gravy. The plate was restaurant plated, not Sunday Roast plated.
It’s just the vibe that killed the roast. I’m not really into eating Sunday Roasts in the evening, although I’ve done it a few times recently and there is something about it, that isn’t right.
It’s not for a Sunday Roast.
I want to go back during the week, and have a romantically candle lit dinner with the wife, and I know we will enjoy it.
It’s just not for a Sunday Roast. 

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London Chow said...

Lol, I get it. It's not for Sunday roasts. I thought that the lunch deals at Le Mercury isn't too shabby though.

Mr Noodles said...

If you want a killer Sunday roast, go to Launceston Place.

Mzungu said...

LC - No the menu looks pretty damn good. It's just not for a Sunday Roast though.

Mr N - Added to the list. Thanks.