Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Big Apple Hot Dogs @ Chatsworth Road Market

By the time the wife and I remembered to take a picture of the finished article they were both well and truly polished off.
Most Sundays Big Apple can be found at Chatsworth Road Market in E5, and of course his normal spot on Old Street during the week, which I cannot get to during my lunch break from Ealing. 
The sausages were really good, so full of taste and flavour that knock most franks out for 10. The rolls were too dense and filling, well that was my excuse for doing two, although just having a sausage would have been just as good. 
I just wish Big Apple would set up his stall outside my work, as i know several greedy buggers in Ealing who would also devour these on a daily basis. 
Hail to a proper hot dog.

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Kay @ Chopstix2Steaknives said...

ooh...I still need to try this!

Mzungu said...

Kay - Just having a sausage if worth the trek .....