Sunday, 30 December 2012

Joseph's Cafe

After a quality fry up of egg, bacon, sausage, black pudding, beans, tomato’s and sometime a slice of fried bread only a cheese omelette comes close to this piece of heaven.
I’m not talking either the fluffy slightly underdone and runny or baveuse style of omelette, no I’m talking the well cooked, slightly crispy and gooey cheese filled omelettes I remember from the 70’s.
Joseph’s Café on Stoke Newington High Street is similar to a lot of run of the mill cafes along this road, although on this visit it was deadly quiet, except for some old girl by the door nattering on in to her mobile, rambling on about nothing in particular.

It was the omelette section that tops the menu that caught my eye as I twaddled past, not many joints place this humble egg fish above all others. I was caught.
So with many an omelette choice to be had, I stuck with my favourite of cheese with chips and beans to accompany. Just like my Saturday night dinners of old.
Joseph was sitting near the front violently texting someone and muttered something to the cheery girl after she had took my order.

A crazy man came in after me and ordered the full English with a lot more trimmings than I thought anyone was capable of eating. It was the inclusion of an apple juice that made me chuckle.
The chips were oven and from frozen, the beans were a little watery, definitely not of the Heinz variety.
The omelette itself was as I expected it, large, slightly crispy around the edges, a little greasy and oozed cheese, yes a definite throw back to my childhood.
I wasn’t in the mood for a trip down a 1970’s Saturday night, but some of them came flooding back. Ahhhh good times.
Joseph’s is what it says on the tin really, nothing fancy, just yer run of the mill café that serves a memorable omelette.

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