Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Posh Chicken and Chips

Mark Hix, some would say is a man with his finger on the pulse, knowing exactly what the paying punters want and gladly gives it to them at a price, especially the suited and booted.
People may say he is a trendsetter but Nando’s have been doing just this for the masses for many a year now. But Mark has poshed it up, so foodies can eat like the masses and pay for it as well.
I love the building that Tramshed is in and glad these old buildings are finding new uses and not being left to decay and eventually knocked down.

The menu is pretty simple at Tramshed, it’s either chicken or steak and I think most people know exactly what they will have before they enter.
Ignoring the starters, which everyone I have spoken to have said they are pretty disappointing, we went straight for the bird and chips.

The bird, feet and claws and all comes golden brown standing up in a ceramic bowl with a mound of chips gathered around likes flames licking the crispy bird. Just like Joan of Arc burning at the stake.
The waitress offered to begin the carving, but we were more than capable of cutting up this bird, well we would of if the knife they offered was sharp. Blunt as my uncle John after a couple of large glasses of red.

It’s not the best chicken I’ve ever had, but it was a bloody tasty bird. Lovely crispy skin and we wasted no time at all in getting down and chewing on those feet. A group of friends at one of the side tables looked at us in horror as we gnawed away, they promptly asked the waitress to remove the feet before bringing it to the table.

The chicken itself was well roasted, although the breast was a tad dry and overcooked, but the legs and thighs were spot on. Juicy.
Chips or French fries were nice and crispy and salty, just how I like them, made the Hix Ale go down even quicker than normal.
I’d hate to come to Tramshed with someone who opted for the steak, as the chicken for one is a very sad affair.

A table adjacent had one of these skinny birds and I felt sorry for the guy, as it reminded of a bird I saw in India, it looked as if it had starved to death rather than biting the bullet so it could sit on a table looking pretty pathetic.
We were in no mood to try one of the deserts. Maybe next time. Yes I will probably return, but with ore people as this is a place to enjoy as a crowd, much more fun that way.
Tramshed beats Nando’s hands down on everything, even value for money, but mainly cos their chips are so much bloody better. 

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