Saturday, 25 May 2013

Back home with a burger

Well I cannot say I’m glad to be back after 3 fantastic weeks wandering through the northern reaches of Yunnan Province. Hpefully more on that at a later date I hope, as I’ll try and let you all know what a wonderful time I had in China and Hong Kong
After eating some delicious and some yuck Chinese food for three weeks we were in the mood for something a little different, a little heavier, a little fattier.
Since it’s opening I’ve been meaning to try a burger from Patty and Bun but as with most things in my life they just never happen.
We were both still reeling from jetlag and our souls were still going through hell after being yanked from Hong Kong, our favourite city.
So after jacking ourselves up on some much needed caffeine from Workshop just around the corner to give us a few more hours of life before we slipped back into that mysterious world between dream and reality.
Thankfully the queue was pretty short on this cold, wet and windy lunchtime and we managed to get a seat within a few minutes. The day before we’d been in 90% humidity laden hong Kong. A big shock to the system.

The menu is pretty short with a good selection of fun named burgers and a few sides to go with. We skipped on the nibbles and went straight in for the kill.
We both opted for the Smoky Robinson Burger, it was the mounds of caramelised onions and the smoky P&B Mayo that swung it from the Ari Gold Cheeseburger or the Joe Joe Chilli burger. Tough choices.
We’d also gone for a tub of the rosemary fries, which were ok, didn’t really get a rosemary hit off them, but they were good none the less.
The burgers though were a real hit of meaty, greasy goodness. Such a change from the clean cut healthy laden food we had been eating in China these past few weeks.

The brioche bun held together really well, which was surprising as those onions oozing with caramelised goodness were dripping down my fingers. Grease heaven. The burger was cooked to a medium rare and tasted fantastic.
Every bite we took, took us further away from China and back into our world, not that I was complaining as I was enjoying this so much.
The crispy bacon infused with rhe smoky mayo were perfect in keeping this burger as one of the best I’d had in a while.

For the best burger in London, I’m still leaning towards Dirty Burger, but Patty and Bun is definitely a very close second.
Incidentally the following day I popped into MeatMarket in Covent Garden and had the Black Prince the following day, yup couldn’t get enough grease.
I was a little shicked as I found the burger to be pretty bland, uninteresting and average. Which is a shame as they were once quite good.
It was at a similar time of day as the place was empty, where as Patty and Bun had a queue outside. Take note guys.
On another note, my little endeavour to bring Shake Shack to London has paid off as their Covent Garden shop will be opening this summer. Looking forward to that.

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