Sunday, 26 January 2014

Bad Burger @ Five Guys

I love burgers, it's the simplicity of them, I mean it's only seasoned mined meat of varying parts of the cow formed into a patty, grilled or fried until perfectly juicy, stuffed between two pieces of bread and then eaten. Done right it's heaven, done wrong and it's pants.
Five Guys, your burgers are pants.... I haven't tasted such a bland burger since the Sheraton Hotel in Cairo back in 2007, and that was a bad burger.
The decor inside Five Guys is all American Diner, which does add some fun into the UK Burger scene, which up until recently was going all industrial chic retro rock, got tired of that pretty good.
Anyhows not only were their burgers bland and slightly over cooked, but their skin on fries, actually tasted of nothing and I mean nothing. Not even the oil they were cooked in, how did they manage this incredible feat... Even a crap well known mega chain fries taste of something, but I cannot say what that is ... Family blog this ...

One thing I did like here was the coke dispenser, now that was bloody cool, just go in there for that, it's worth it, but give the burgers a miss.
Five Guys have also opened up a shop on Upper Street, which if it hasn't already begun I see a nation wide roll out pretty soon, which may or may not tempt people away from those other crappy american chains... Who knows, who cares..

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