Sunday, 16 February 2014

An Honest Burger, as the name suggests ...

I like what Honest Burgers are bringing to the London burger scene, good honest burgers, no thrills, no gimmicks like over sauced paddys, just plain goodness of a burger that delivers on taste...
I've eaten at Honest in their Soho branch a couple of times, but haven't been back since I was told there was a 90 minute wait on a Wednesday night. Nah no burger is worth that kind of Q, but that's what you get when you produce class.
I've not had the chance to eat at the Brixton joint neither, as the Q's there are way too long and nine times out of ten I'm there on a different mission anyhows, so it always misses out. But with now 5 outlets I'm sure I'll get there one day.
Back to the burgers, Honest Burgers do as what Patty and Bun and Dirty Burger do, fantastic seasoned meat (from the Ginger Pig no less), perfectly cooked as ordered,  set in a great bun that actually holds together. Good show chaps.
We went for the Honest Burger and the new American Tribute Burger, which came as we ordered a perfect juicy medium rare, both were fantastic, the onion relish was a good match with the Honest original, where the cheese and bacon set the Tribute apart and slightly superior, but both needed the accompanying dill pickles, as all burgers do.
I love their salty rosemary fries, brings a wonderful feeling to my taste buds that works perfectly with the not too greasy burger. 
They also have a good selections of beers and the Shoreditch Blonde is particularly good, just like how I like my women, tall, thin, blonde and cold.
But the real reason I love this burgeoning chain is that this location is one my way home.... Bloody perfect. I will be back...

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