Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Eu Não Falo Português

I did not know what to expect with Macau. Maybe another Hong Kong, where everyone works 24/7 making loads of money and sending it just the same. Thankfully no, Macau, compared to Hong Kong is asleep. Well apart from the Las Vegas style casinos that greet you as you leave the Ferry Terminal. 
Macau sure is lacking in the sheer quantity of food joints that Hong Kong has. They have a lot of bakery stores, but the bits we tried were not that good. They do however have some great Portuguese custard tarts. The burnt custard topping sets them apart from their Hong Kong counterpart. 
Now as we were in an old Portuguese colony, why not indulge in a few Portuguese treats. We found a nice place off the tourist drag. Now as Portugal makes some pretty fine wine, they are still kind enough to send a lot of it to their former colony at very good rates. No import duty here. So we ordered a bottle of red. After nearly 6 weeks with hardly no wine, it tasted fantastic. 
The menu consisted of some old time classics, like grilled sardines, Caldo Verde and countless Baccahlao dishes. There are supposed to be a Baccahlao recipe for every day of the year.
So as we were in a former Portuguese colony, why not have some dishes from its other colonies as well. So for starters we choose some Baccahlao balls. Well it is a Portuguese restaurant after all. We shared tow dishes, African Chicken, which was coated in a picante sauce. Delish. And as I am a sucka for beans and off cuts of meat, had to have the Feijoada. Never had it before, but it really tasted of Frijoles from Colombia. It was especially good with the pigs trotter still in it. Also came with a bit of chorizo and morcilla. Black pudding. Yummmmm .... 
All in all it was pretty good and a change from what we had been eating over the month before. 

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