Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A Good Local Family Restaurant

Since we arrived here in Hong Kong, I have been searching high and low for some of the culinary delights that Hong Kong has to offer… I seem (well most of the time) to be able to spot or search out good eateries… No idea how I do it, but I am sure it is all my belly. Also as our kitchen here is pretty small, I cannot cook everyday, plus my Chinese cooking skills are not that good anyhows, and restaurants can cook a more varied amount of food. Plus they are much better at it than me. 
One of the best local places we have found is Ngau Kee Food Café, a family run places, we were told that number 2 son does all the cooking. The food is typically Chinese but with slight twists. We have eaten there a few times, and always the food has been fantastic. Ranging from Chicken cooked with ginger & spring onion (a personal fave) to the sweet n sour pork and deep fried shredded pork with minced salty fish, black Chinese mushrooms and water chestnuts (yes that long). The prices are very good also. It seems to be filled with locals and most of them I am sure are regulars. 
The speciality of the place seems to be the sweet and sour pork (as everyone has it) and a casserole of pork and noodles. We never tried it, but we shared a table quite a few times with people having it. Looks and smells great. Have to be in October now. 
We got chatting to the owner on one occasion, and he reliably informed us that Number 2 Son was doing all the cooking. A really god family place.

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