Thursday, 6 August 2009

Was the House Upset ?

Well we have moved from our small rural finca to a slightly smaller but yet closer to civilisation finca. The new one is just outside El Retiro on a paved road. So the new small car will not get trashed on the off road conditions to our old place.
I was sad to leave, as the peacefulness there was incredible. But it was so peaceful and so far out of it, that the whole time we were there we got nothing done. Not good. So hopefully here, we should get something’s done. All to be revealed soon(ish). Maybe.
The new finca is in a closed lot. We have 59 neighbours, a few security guards to keep the unwanted out. So we are in a private countryside estate. Very pinchada or posh. Some of the fincas, ours included are small, old and basic. Some of the others are pretty grand, with lush gardens. Thankfully the majority of these farms are only visited on the weekends, when their owners escape the noise of Medellin for some countryside peace. So during the week we have peace and quiet. We’ll see how noisy it gets at the weekend. Not much me thinks, as the nearest farm is still a few hundred metres away.
This finca does not have name, just a number. So we have called it Finca Dalat, as the area reminds us of Dalat in Vietnam so much. We loved Dalat, so hopefully we will love it here.
The day before we left Finca Cañaveral, it was hit by a hailstorm. The little buggers were the size of my thumbnail. The devastation they caused was amazing. All of the veg I had planted was wiped out. The fruit trees took quite a battering, even the banana trees were pretty beat up.
Now the question I have been wondering is this. Why did the hailstorm only hit our farm? And do you think as I do, that the finca was sad to see us go, as we have put life back into the old place. Even if that was by only tidying up the place and the gardens.
I like to think this, as sometimes when I woke up in the early hours, I could hear the house speaking in its quiet hushed tones. The quiet creaks would always send me back to a peaceful and deep sleep.
So, I am not upset with the finca even if it did have a little baby tantrum that we were leaving, and destroy all the veg I was going to uproot and take with me. It just means I have to replant and start again.
As is life in Colombia. It’s all about being game for anything, and not letting anything get you down. Otherwise you won’t last….

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