Sunday, 9 May 2010

Busaba Eathai – Faux Thai Eatery in Soho

Our one and only visit to Busaba Eathai was so long ago I cannot remember much about it. Apart from Lina was violently sick for 2 days solid. So obviously we never ever returned. Every time we walked past it, I could she her shudder as the memories came flooding back.
At least 10 years later, we were stuck for some cheap chow in Soho. China Town was an option, but I just didn’t fancy it. Strangely we were standing opposite Busaba. I just threw it in there as an option, as we were standing outside. Amazing Lina said OK. All was forgotten and forgiven for said mentioned illness, the specifics of which I will not get into, as this is not a medical blog.
I’m sure everyone knows what the interior of this Thai style eatery is like. Large square wooden tables that seat about 12 people on each. Well over a hundred people can cram into its space, and I’m sure on a weekend nights it does. I’ve seen the queue outside. It has that Wagamama feel to it. No backs to the benches, so you do not linger after your meal. Eat, pay and leave it what they want.
The menu is knda Thai in a way. I know so many people who rave about this place, but to be honest we were truly disappointed. I must ask them if they have ever been to Thailand. As the food has been watered down to fit a Western palette.

My lamb red curry Chiang Mai noodles were weak and feeble. There was some heat to the dish, and a lot of coconut but not much else. The lamb was tender but the coconut milk dominated everything in the dish that I could not taste it too much. Good portion though. The paste I’m sure was a factory made, not blended in-house by the kitchen. 
Lina’s crab pad thai was ok. Nice white crab meat, but not a lot of it. Noodles ok, but it was badly under seasoned and needed a dash or two of fish sauce to give it some taste.

If you are going to say Lemongrass tea, then please put some lemongrass into the pot to give some taste. Not just one small bit.
For the quality of the food and the price, it’s just not worth it. But this is Soho, so it is constantly busy. A nice little earner for the owner.

The only good thing of the meal was that at least neither of us was sick this time. 

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HungryinLondon said...

I so agree with you! This place is so over-rated and has nothing to do with authentic (and delicious) Thai cuisine.

London Chow said...

Was thinking of dropping by Busaba Eathai until I come across your review. Will give this a wide berth. It would just spoil my day to have a watered down Thai red curry. Thanks for the heads up!