Thursday, 13 May 2010

Fish n Chips @ The Yacht in Greenwich

Has anyone been to Greenwich during the week? If you have, you will know it is a desolate place with a scattering of a few tourists who never realised there is a market here every Sunday, and quite a few old age pensioners out for the day. An exciting place during the week as you can see.
This was my second time here in Greenwich outside of the popular and crowded weekend time slot. Both times it has been miserable and grey. Which really sums up Greenwich during the week.
Their used to be a fabulous Pie n Mash shop very near to the station. Alas it has gone, replaced by a tacky tourist shop selling all the normal Union Jack rubbish. Sign of the times I guess. There aren’t too many of those old pie shops left now. Shame.
The only other option dining I know of in Greenwich is The Yacht. It’s a bit of a wander down by the riverfront past the National Maritime Museum. It’s nestled down a small alley around the corner from the Trafalgar.  
It’s a typical pub, but has the added benefit of a superb view over looking the Thames, and you can even see the Dome as well. Added bonus.
The food is fairly typical pub fare, mainly catering to the tourist and weekend trade. It is heaving on Sunday lunchtime, which was the only time we have ever been there.
We’ve only ever eaten the fish n chips there. I really cannot say what anything else tastes like. I’d imagine a bit like any other pub food really.
You can have the fish n chips in two sizes. Normal and huge, and I mean huge. It’s enough for 2. It’s a monumental piece of fish. Mr Creosote would have trouble finishing a portion.

As pub grub goes, the normal portion is a pretty good size. The chips are as with every pub these days brought in, pre-prepared. Shame they were not chunky chips.
The batter wasn’t too bad, a tad greasy compounded by the fact it was all served on a piece of greaseproof paper. Why?
The mushy peas were really good though. Had that strong mushy pea flavour that sets the men from the boys. The tartare sauce I am sure was from a jar, as so few places these days make their own fresh.
The staff are pretty friendly, and they have a good range of beers and an extensive wine list.
It’s a nice place to eat and is the same as we remembered it. Which we are finding a lot recently that old favourites no longer are the same. Most have declined.

All in all Greenwich in the week is a quiet place. If you do go, go in good weather.
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