Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Stringray Cafe

I had never expected much of the Stringray café mainly because of the name, but also the look of the place didn’t feel with me with culinary delights. I’ve no idea why but I knew one day we would give it a try. It was just too close to our house not to.
The day had come. We arrived late from work, tired, hungry, couldn’t be arsed to cook, and didn’t want to go far to eat.
Stringray is the nearest place to our house. Just beating the Beach Café and Iznik by only a few metres.
The menu is Italian. I am always dubious of eating Italian food in restaurants, mainly because I know I can cook it better myself. Arrogant, no. Truthful. yes.
So looking down a pasta driven menu, I opted for a pizza. I still need to find a good pizza close to the house, after moving form Liverpool Road and the Regent. I need good close pizza.
So a margarita pizza and a calzone were ordered along with a glass of house red and a leffe. Something about continental beer and pizza just clicks for me.
The interior of Stringray is rather homely, nicely coloured walls gives a cosy feel to the place. A good cheap neighbourhood restaurant, which every street needs really, rather than those bloody chains. So glad I do not live in Chiswick.
The pizza was ok, nothing special. Thin crust, nice tomato sauce and quite a bit of mozzarella on top. The calzone was a bit doughy but again was quite good. Huge portions.
The bill came to £20 with added tip. So all in all not a bad option if we are find ourselves in a position where we in need of a quick bite to eat.
But I am still looking for that close to hand good pizza

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