Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Spiazzo - An Italian Style Cafe

Trying to find a good dentist in this city can be a bit of a problem. I used to have a good one in Earl’s Court, right above Addi’s, but he did a runner and no one knew where he disappeared. His replacement just never did anything right. Poor girl.
Thankfully with my family connections in South America I now have a very good dentist. Only problem he is over 5000 miles away. Not good. Although with what I am paying for this treatment I could have flown over there and had it done for the same price.
I was recommended a dentist in the leafy northern suburb of Crouch End. Oh that lovely village beyond Finsbury Park, which seems a world away from most of London, and the inhabitants, know it as well. Sometimes their smugness drives me insane. But then again I’d probably be the same as well if I lived there or somewhere similar.
After spending an hour mid afternoon getting my teeth prodded and tinkered with they were feeling a little sore. Plus I was advised to eat soft foods for a day or two. Damn, no chicken wings for me for a while then.
But I was hungry and in need of food. Luckily on the corner by the well-ordered bus stop is Spiazzo. A self styled Italian deli cum brassiere.
Its menu is typically Italian with all the big boys in tow. I’d eaten there before so I knew what type of food I was gonna get. It’s not as if the food is bad, it’s just not that good. But for a posh café it isn’t bad.
Obeying my dentist, I ordered a cheese omelette and in true café style it came with chips.
It wasn’t the worst omelette in the world I had ever eaten. It kinda reminded me of my dad’s ones that he used to cook on a Saturday night. It even had the same cubes of slightly un-melted cheese inside as well. The chips were thin, soft and a tad greasy. Normal café fare. But somehow it hit a cord and I enjoyed it, but I was bloody hungry.
Crouch End has quite a few cafes on the Broadway, some are good and some are not so good. Spiazzo is probably one of the best of the bunch, but it does try to be something it really isn’t. 

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