Saturday, 25 June 2011

Good Times @ Randall and Aubin

Sometimes you find a place and for some reason you love it more than you should. The menu may be limiting, the food may not fantastic, but the atmosphere and vibe make up for a whole lot more, and to me this counts for nearly everything.
It’s been a while since we were last in Randall & Aubin, a long while. We have good memories of the place, seen some wild shit happening inside its doors, some really wild shit.
It is one of the few places where I don’t actually mind queuing up. In fact I get rather disappointed when I don’t have to wait outside on the street for our turn to sit down and eat.

Queuing does have its benefits, you do end up ordering a bottle of wine and drinking it while you wait. Life in Soho gets more fun after a bottle of wine or two.
Nothing seems to have changed really inside Randall & Aubin. The chefs all look the same, the waiters have changed, but they do seem to still look the same. The women are still tanned and gorgeous, and the men camp as hell. Hey it’s Soho, what would you expect.
We have fun here, it’s a place to lift your spirits, to enlighten your soul, to make you feel young again, and at the moment I need that a lot.
As I said I’ve seen some crazy shit here. I remember once, a stunning looking girl came outside to chat to some friends who were in the queue behind us. All I really heard was her friends asking her to come and go dancing later, and she replied “no I can’t I’m working, I have a punter inside.” This kinda threw me, as she was the 2nd most beautiful girl in Soho that night. The wife obviously being number one.
After we sat down and ordered, I noticed that she and her punter visited the toilets looking very fresh and returned looking completely dishevelled 10 minutes later. Good times were a rolling. This actually happened twice. The 2nd time the guy could barely walk back to his stool. Respect.

The food is really incidental to the restaurant. It’s pure Soho, you come to be with friends and have a good time. You drink, you eat, you flirt, and you have a great time. It’s what life should be all about. Plus the best thing, they have a mirrored disco ball. Soho baby Soho. Gotta love it.

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