Saturday, 11 June 2011

Video of the Sea Food Market & Restaurant

I am in the process of getting a flip camcorder, which basically means I will be torturing you all with new videos of life in London and elsewhere. In the meantime I will be posting some old ones that have been lingering on youtube for a few years now.
This rather short video is of the Sea Food Market in Bangkok. It's basically a supermarket cum restaurant and a fun and tacky, but expensive place to have a meal. A longer video can be found here at the 7 minute mark, and part two here.
Don't forget to have your speakers turned on and enjoy the music.


CleverMermaid said...

ooooh a Flip cam! I'd like to know how it goes for you. For now I'm still using my digi cam's video function. How long until they take Flip cams off the market tho?

Mzungu said...

CM - I think Cusco have stopped making them, but the warranty is still going till Dec 2013.