Sunday, 17 July 2011

Birra Moretti and Giancarlo Caldesi

I was invited to an event sponsored by Birra Moretti and La Cusina Caldesi last week. It was to promote the wonders of Birra Moretti, a fine Italian beer, eclipsed in the UK by the other more famous one. We shall not name it. But after tasting Birra Moretti with its fuller and far superior flavour, I am sold.

The event was held in the La Cusina Caldesi, which is behind Café Caldesi, or the alleyway opposite the Golden Hind. We were treated to several delicious little snacks all cooked using Birra Moretti. I wonder how many times I can mention this beer before the end of this bog post. We’ll see.
Anyhows Giancarlo was there to cook these delights for us and also to explain about the wonders of using Birra Moretti in cooking. I’m thinking at least another 10 times.

So we got to sample Zeppole di Gamberetti (fried prawn and parsley dough balls), very very Moorish, but after a couple you wish you hadn’t.
Also a Focaccia alla Birra Moretti (needs no translating), this I have to say you really could taste the beer in the bread. Lovely dipped in olive oil and balsamic.

Then some Spiedini di Pollo, ananas e pancetta marinati con Birra Moretti (chicken, pineapple and pancetta skewers marinated in …. You’ve guessed it). These were so easy to munch on, and with a big glass of Birra Moretti in hand, oh so very easy.
Lastly was a pudding of Gelatina di Birra Moretti con datteri e crema pasticcera (Date, custard and guess what’s in the jelly). The combo of the dates and the custard was really intoxicating. I liked the beer jelly but separate as the dates over powered everything.

It was a good night, and having a chance to chat to Giancarlo and hear some classic stories over a Birra Moretti was really good. Really nice guy.
Before I end it here, let me tell you about some pop up pizza making classes happening over London with Giancarlo and Birra Moretti. They are free and take place at the following locations and dates.

·     Exchange Square on the 27th July
·     Soho Square on the 28th July
·     Canary Wharf on the 29th July

To get in with some pizza action, you can visit … But this is on a first come, first serve basis, so be quick.
I’m sure that the dough is going to use Birra Moretti, and as a mixer in bread or pizza dough it’s brill.
At the moment there are not too many pubs serving Birra Moretti on tap, but there are some. They just need searching out. Enjoy yourselves on this task, but please let me know where you come across it.


Tina @flourtrader said...

The Birra Moretti group sounds like some pretty smart business people. They are going the extra mile, instead of being satisfied to promote their product just as a special drinking beer, they are pushing the uses of it in food. The pizza classes sound like fun.

Mzungu said...

Tina - Yeah they are aiming for a certain age group of male drinkers, and I'll think they'll succeed if they can get their foot in the door.