Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Sausage Time @ Kurz and Lang

I’ve only been to Germany once, and that was a few years ago in Munich for the Beer Fest. Wow what a night that was. I only have very vague memories. Way too many Steins of lager.
A thumping hangover to boot the following day as well, which was actually cured with two things. One was more beer, and the other was a plate full of German sausage. Man it worked a treat, better than any fry up.
What type of sausages I ate that day have gone into the dustbin of my forever fading memory. No matter how I try and put together that jigsaw it will never come back. All I can remember was that the sausages were homemade and full of flavour and taste.
The closest I have encountered here is Kurz and Lang. They have been at the corner of St John Street for a few years now selling fast food in the form of those funky German sausages. The beasts are imported from a family run company in the Rhineland. Truly authentic.
I was in the area meeting up with some friends, but I needed some filling for my stomach before I started on the high alcohol content euro lagers.
I opted for the Classic Wurst meal with a Rindswurst. A pure beef sausage with at least 81% beef content, so the menu says.
The meal also comes with sauerkraut, potato cubes and a small baguette. I also had a Paulaner Weiss beer to get the night going. Well you have to really.
The sausage was actually a lot better than I thought it would be. It had a slightly smoky taste to it, and very beefy. I didn’t get the potato cubes though. They were a tad soggy and really not that good. Pointless in my eyes.
You are either a lover of sauerkraut or not. I am a lover of it, but not when it is too mature and funky. Just not used to it that is all. This sauerkraut wasn’t too bad, it definitely had a little funkiness about it, but when mixed with the mustard it was a hell of a lot better. Man I love mustard, especially nasal cleansing mustard. Hmm love it….
The sausages at Kurz and Lang were not bad, but I think they would have been even better at the end of the night, as everything tastes better after a few too many beers, just like those hocks at the beer fest.

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