Sunday, 16 October 2011

Sunday Roast @ The Talbot

Nearly 2 months without a Sunday roast can play havoc with a mans mind. But it has only been the last two weeks that I have been wanting one.
The 3 weeks we were in China it was the last thing on my mind. I quickly into the local diet of noodle soups and stir fried dishes that what I normally eat all but sunk away into a distant memory.
The Talbot is on the plush side of Dalston, with its leafy squares and peaceful streets lined with brand new BMW’s. Who says there is a recession going on.
I’ve drunk at the Talbot a few times, but never had the chance to eat there until today. To be honest we only stopped in for a pint, but the wife was in need of something to combat her growing hangover.
So with her ordering a French onion soup, I thought oh what the heck and had the roast chicken, and I’m glad I did.
It wasn’t the best roast I’ve ever had, but it was a warm and comforting reminder of what I hadn’t had in a couple of months.
The French onion soup was deep, sweet and unxious. This is how it should be made. Long slow cooking of the onions to sweeten them up, before adding in of the wine and stock. Then letting this cook for a while before serving with a large toasted cheese crouton. Delish.
The roast as I said wasn’t the best in the world, but it was pretty good. The chicken supreme was a tad dry, but had a nice crispy skin.
Accompanying this was some nice roasties, a smashing yorkie, some sweet baby carrots and some lovely roasted pumpkin. Oh yes autumn is here.
I know I’ll be returning here many more times for the Talbot’s food, as I seem to be in Dalston a lot these days.

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mike @ the culinary lens said...

I am always fascinated by the improvement in pub food. We've come a long way from col pork pies and bad sandwiches

Mzungu said...

Mike - Those days are so far gone that I can hardly remember them.