Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Sunday Roast @ The Flask in Hampstead

I’ve been meaning to write this for ages now, but with things happening at the end of last year, Christmas, New Year blah blah blah, it all got forgotten about. But finally here it is.
The Flask ticks all the boxes for a good Sunday Roast. It has the appearance of an old time boozer, how it was in yesteryear, even though the brewers gave the place a refurb a few years ago. They did a good job for it to keep its original character.
There’s a nice dining area out the back, which has a lot of space and is better for large groups to dine away. Which we were, and we did.
The ales on tap are a sight to behold. I’m a big fan of Young’s Bitters, so I was right at home here.
The staff are friendly, although some do look mighty young and not too bright neither, but we’ll forgive them as they did a good job of keeping us content, plus the chefs cooked a storm.
Yes, we were here for one thing only. A bloody good Sunday roast, and yes we got it. It’s a little on the pricey, but we are in Hampstead so you cannot expect much different.
It had been a while since my last roast, so I had to have the Roast Rump of Beef. A fine cooked piece of meat it was as well. Nice and pink, slightly drowned out by the nice gravy, but still good none the less. The veggies and tatties were well cooked and seasoned.
I never got to try the lamb, but it did look and smell a fine specimen indeed. But I did get to sample a lot of the Schweinehaxe. A roasted pork knuckle cooked in beer. A fine example of an unused piece of meat that, with a bit of love and care can become your star dish.

I really wished I’d have had this. Tasted heavenly, and with some fine crackling that actually crackled as you ate it. Delish. It reminded me of what you can get at Opa y Oma, a small family run restaurant in the countryside outside of Medellin. Ahh memories. 
I’m also reliable informed that their steak and ale pies are some of the best in London. This maybe worth coming back another time to see if the boast is true.
All in all it was a good Sunday roast with some fine ales, witty conversation and wittier, finer friends, but that is what Sunday roasts are all about.

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catty said...

that pork knuckle looks absolutely epic and delicious!!!

Mzungu said...

Catty - It was awesome

evangeline startk said...

Live your life the way you want it. Live to eat and eat to live.

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