Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Sutton and Sons – A Stokie Fish n Chip Shop

I don’t understand Sutton and Sons. I’m confused. One day I get sublime fish and chips and another time it’s just average and a tad greasy.
It’s the same cooks, same great fish from their fishmongers across the road. So I really don’t know why some days it’s much better than others. Why are you so inconsistent. Why? Tell me!!!!!!!!
I have figured out that the best time to eat there though, are either Friday night or anytime on Saturday when they are ay their most busy and the food is being turned around pretty quickly.
On a wet windy Wednesday night, the fish seems to be left hanging around for a while waiting for someone to eat them. It’s then that the fish is not up to its best.
But I just want to focus on the positive, the way that the batter is so crispy and the fish inside is so moist and when your fork cuts through it flakes apart.
The portion sizes are nice and generous, just as I like them to be. The one thing I hate about fish n chip shops is a meagre portion, just when you are enjoying it, it’s all gone. No I want to be full and still see I have more heaven to eat.
The chips are nice and chunky, and when they are cooked well are some of the best around. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Brilliant.

The menu is pretty varied, including some real old favourites like yer battered sausages and some good pies.
But as they are part of the fishmongers across the road, you can also get a good selection of grilled fish, which I haven’t had myself, but from looking at others peoples plates they look pretty damn good.
They even sell bitter as well. Now there isn’t nowt better than fish n chips with a pint of bitter. Heaven sent.
Sutton and Sons when they are on form are a fine modern chippie, but they are nothing as good as the Beach Café in Highbury Barn, which when it is open are the best by far.
But Sutton and Sons is open all the time and more times than not they do serve some bloody good fish n chips. But please guys keep it up.

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Anonymous said...

I used to quite like this place but have had some disappointing visits since it was renamed last year. Now I prefer to go to the effort of schlepping over to the excellent Fish House at Victoria Park when I need my haddock fix.

Mzungu said...

Anom - I've been past the Fish House, but never ventured in. This now may have to change. Thanks for the tip.

Kirsten Foster said...

I feel the same - it does seem to swing from excellent to awful rather randomly. Once I had completely uncooked chips! Maybe it's staff turnover? I remember going in once and talking to the manager (I think) who seemed a bit flustered and said most of his staff had failed to turn up. I think erratic quality is commonly a prob in an industry like catering when the person serving/cooking isn't the owner/manager and may not have much commitment to the success of the place or passion for what they're doing.

Mzungu said...

Kirsten - It's a shame, as when it's good it's as good as anywhere else. Have you tried the Beach Hut up on Highbury Barn. Great food, just bad at opening that is all.