Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Brunch @ Lantana

Through some weird set of events we ended up eating Brunch at Lantana a couple of times in as many weeks. I’d been meaning to eat there forever but other things got in the way. Mainly the Breakfast Club and Caravan. But finally we did it and again.
Lantana is small, and I mean small. After queuing for 30 minutes we were asked if we didn’t mind sharing a table (to eat now) or wait even longer for a table for just us to become available.
I don’t mind sharing but as the room is pretty small and everyone is closely packed together, my ribs took a beating from the guy next to me, as he seemed only to be able to use a knife and fork with his elbows stretched out.
The food at Lantana is really good and a far cry from the normal English fry up. All hail to the down under brunch set I say.
My favourite is the slow cooked Boston beans with some pork belly topped off with a poached egg. I mean how can this combo not entice even the strictest vegan into meat eating. OK slightly dumb comment but it is a bloody good dish. Unxious beans with a tender and soft piece of pork belly, and you get to mix in egg yolk as well. Heaven pure heaven.
The baked eggs are another winner, especially with the lovely feta they use. The posh version of bubble and squeak is a far cry from my Sunday night suppers as a child. I wish then we would have had black pudding, but my parents looking back on it seemed to have a dislike of it.
If I had a quibble about Lantana is that the portions are on the tad small size for the prices, but the cooking is exquisite. So cannot grumble too much. But I felt I had to.
Lantana is a great place and I’d love to try it in the week, when I hope the queues are not too large. Weekends can be a bugger. But as it is absolutely nowhere near my house, a special visit has to be made, but as the Breakfast Club and Caravan are so much closer, we always get distracted.

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