Wednesday, 15 February 2012

China Videos - Part Five - Kaili Night Market

We were only in Kaili for 1 night coming in from Hongjiang, and heading out to Xijiang the following morning. 
Kaili has really nothing to offer except a crap bus station that gets you to just about anywhere within the state of Guizhou. So for us it was a must. 
Thankfully next to our hotel was a brilliant and varied night market, that fed us well. Just about everything was on sale here, and we ate most of it.
There really isn't that much else to do here, but we did catch some pretty interesting noodles at a small eatery across from the bus station the next morning.
Strangely after Xijiang we had to return to Kaili to try and get to Basha, but thankfully this we did all in one day. A bloody long one but we did it.

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