Saturday, 25 August 2012

New Culture Revolution

After many years of abusing my body with very little exercise and a lot of food, my good wife has finally persuaded me to join a gym to try and get healthy and also to shed a few pounds of midriff that has developed around my belly.
This surprisingly after a long look in the mirror put up no resistance, although it has taken her a little while to get me here.
So after a particularly late session of me pounding the treadmill and sweating buckets, I was in no mood to go home and cook.
We were in need of something light, cheap and close by. Even before we walked close to the New Culture Revolution it was already in our minds. 
For some reason I’d been contemplating eating here for a while, no idea why, as living in Islington for many a year I’d never thought of eating there before. Destiny maybe.
Nicely designed with modern touches and clean lines, the New Culture Revolution is a world away from China Town, but it kind of fits in with its surroundings

The menu is easy to read and as they say leans more towards home cooking than your normal Chinese restaurant.
They are also heavy on their in house made noodles and dumplings here, which was fine as that what we were in the mood for.
So after ordering some Ma La Niu Rou Mein, or Sichuan braised beef with spices and chilli and Chinese leaves, and a prawn wheat noodle soup with mange tout and Chinese leaves.

I’m doubtful if the noodles are made in house and my noodles were the same as the udon style noodles I buy in China town on a weekly basis.
It was ok but nothing special, and to be honest it was what I wanted but I could have done a better job at home. It was nice but very underwhelming.
The soup had a good stock and was well cooked but again not trying to float my boat, but my soups are better. Maybe I should get my arse into gear and open up a small shop. Then again reality is a far cry from dreams.
New Culture Revolution is ok, but would I return, it’s very unlikely especially with Yipin so close. But if you are in a hurry and want a cheap home style meal then here’s yer place.

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The Grubworm said...

I tried this place once or twice a number of years ago and was left with pretty much the same impression. Perfectly ok (particularly the dumplings) but not overwhelming. Still, it fills a gap when you are out of options.

New Culture Revolution Angel said...

Thank you for reviewing our restaurant. It is always helpful fors us to get feedback from our customers.
Regarding our noodles, they really are handmade by us by our specialist chef.
We try to keep our food production all in-house, as we do not believe in using any MSG, preservatives or additives.
We hope to see you again.

NCR Angel.