Monday, 6 August 2012

Momofuku - A lush revisit

I’m a big fan of David Chang and his Momofuku Noodle Bar, this was our second visit in a couple of years and it gave us a good reminder of why we enjoyed it here the first time.
Oddly enough we actually ordered the same two dishes as last time, and what we had was as good now as it was two years ago.

This time we popped there in the evening to sample the night vibe, still mid week this place was pumping, damn I’d love to have a joint like this, all day, everyday having a jammed packed restaurant. A restaunteurs idea of heaven. I can just hear those tills chinking to the sound of paper money.
So for starters we had the steamed buns with some of the famous pork belly, hoisin sauce and spring onions.

I know about the pork belly as I brought the book a long time ago and have been cooking my belly the same way every since. It’s great and I have a tonne of pork belly to go with absolutely anything, but especially in my Momofuku style ramen soups.
So to see if David’s were as good as mine, I had to have the famously good Momofuku ramen soup, with a slice of famed pork belly, some pork shoulder and a poached egg.

We also had again the chilled spicy noodles, Sichuan spiced sausage, spinach and cashew nuts.
The steamed pork bun was nice, actually it was pretty good, until we went to Ippudo a day or so later and then, well everything was kicked into touch. I mean the bun was nicely steamed, the pork belly finished off on the griddle to caramelise it a bit more. So tender and juicy. Damn that belly is good.
The ramen soup is better than mine, the stock is better. Damn. The pork belly as used above in the steam buns is so good, the shoulder is soft and with so much flavour. Awesome. But I think it is the tare that they make and it in every bowl, just adds that extra kick of awesomeness.
Some times I hate when you are given food and it feels fridge cold, well this is the one dish that works a treat cold. The spicy sauce really woks with the sausage and baby spinach leaves. A brilliant dish. Sorry running out of adjectives.
Two years on and Momofuku is still as good and popular as it was when we first tried it. May she ever always be. The only thing I want is the friend chicken to be available as single portions. We know it would sell. 

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