Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Burgers @ The Corner Bistro

I cannot remember who told me about the Corner Bistro, but whoever it was, I thank you.
The pub or bar looks nothing special on the outside but inside it is a tad dingy, and I like that, I have a thing for lived in places, I find them much more interesting than sanitised restaurants that sadly are becoming the norm these days.
By the time we arrived one evening at the Corner Bistro it was well past eight, the queue was beginning to hit the door and we were in for a wait, but thankfully you can order a beer or two as you wait your turn.
Again I don’t mind queuing as long as I can have something to drink, a place that makes you queue and won’t let you drink is a non-starter. I think that’s why I love Randall and Aubin so much, well the fact they want you to drink and that disco ball.
Anyhows I’d heard the Corner Bistro did some good burgers and from what we were seeing going past us, all looked like we were in for a good meal whenever we got there.
I’d never had a chilli burger and was tempted to find out, so when we got to order I plunged in and had it. I’m still undecided as to whether it was a good idea or not.
It wasn’t the greatest tasting chilli I’d ever eaten in the world, but it was ok, nice flavour, a little too bean heavy but all is forgiven.

I never realised a chilli burger came smothered in chilli, I was hoping it would come as a side, alas no. My burger was covered and it couldn’t be eaten with hands only a spoon and in the end a fork.
The beef was hard to taste through all that chilli, but I grabbed the wife’s for a bite and yeah baby this was a good burger. But oddly I was enjoying my burger drowning in a sea of chilli. The fries were really good and the added pickles were a bonus as well.
The place had a great vibe and we were seated next to two big muscled men on a blind date. I’ve never sat next to two men on a date before, especially a blind one and yeah homo or hetro we all ask the same shit questions and try not to make a fool of ourselves. Sadly one did. Ahh we’ve all been there. You just gotta take it on the chin and hope to god it was not noticed.
Maybe the Corner Bistro’s burgers are not as good as Shake Shakes or Le Burger Joint, but the vibe and the place is a hundred times better, so for that this is the in the top 5 burger joints in the world, just below the old Wimpy that used to be in the Market Square in Basingstoke until they bulldozed it all down. Ahh childhood memories. Basingstoke has again a Wimpy Bar, I’m just to scared to go in as its normally full of chav’s. Well it is Basingstoke.

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