Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ramen-ya @ Tonkotsu

Our second meal at Tonkotsu could not have been more different than the first that we had during its soft opening week. I think the less said about that first trip the better.
Although I will add that I did send them an email after my meal, not to bitch but just to let them know how my experience was, and the response I got back acknowledged all of my critiques and said they were aware of the issue and were working on them and all would be aok by the time they opened for the public.
So after several weeks to let them find their feet we headed back for some Tonkotsu Ramen hoping that all what we had before was just a bad memory.
Thankfully it was. Phew. I really do not like writing bad reviews as it pisses me off, so this is a nice review with one gripe.

We both ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen and waited patiently soaking in the atmosphere of the neo industrial interior that is always popular.
The stock as they say on the menu is predominantly pork, but what we tasted was a very nice subtle chicken stock, which I think still needs work on but it was very good, but it does take less time to produce chicken stock than the 18 hour porkie delight I’ve had on so many occasions, sadly not in London. Yet.

The noodles tasted a lot better and were slightly springy to the bite, the egg, which says it is marinated was nice and the yolk still had a little bit of runniness to it. I always want more runny yolk as it adds a lovely silky creamy taste to the soup. The pork slices were good as well, no chewiness to them.
The staff were friendly and did their job well, there seemed to be more organisation this time, which would comes in time. We were tempted to ask for the chicken kaarage and see if the waitress would call it a “Posh KFC” again, but the memories of the last one were still to painful.
The real only gripe I have is that this soup costs £11, which I think for what it is, is a little too much, as Koya produces a soup still not matched in London yet, for the same price, and Ittenbari, although not near the Tonkotsu product is good and a lot cheaper and for me the better alternative. But this is London and Soho, so we have to expect to pay more for a meal that was in Dalston for example would be about £8. London huh. Love it or hate it.
So Tonkotsu have come good on their promise after their soft opening, and to have another Ramen based shop in London is only a good thing and one that I welcome a lot.
Now what we really need is a serious joint like Ippudo to open here, then I’ll be in Ramen bloody heaven.

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