Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Pepper Tree

I knew it would be just a matter of time before my sorry arse ended up in the Pepper Tree for a quick lunch, it has now happened and surprisingly it wasn’t that bad.
Meeting friends from Latin America for lunch at my new work location of Clapham Common and only having an hour to get some nosh, I gave them two choices. Fish and Chips @ the Fish Club, which being Friday I tried ever so hard to steer them to, but alas, these Latino’s were wanting some Asian spice, as a change.
So The Pepper Tree it was, with its set lunch menu of £7.50p for two courses, it’s a bit of a bargain on the heavily congested lunchtime scene in Clapham Common.
The Pepper Tree was booming and we had a short wait for a table to fit us three merry souls, which was fine as chitchat between friends always makes time go fast.
By the time we were seated literally everyone else was getting ready to leave and go back to work. I hope it wasn’t us.
The Thai style set menu is actually not bad value to be honest, with a choice of chicken satay, veggie spring rolls, dim sum or sweetcorn cakes for starters, and mains of massaman curry, a veggie or chicken stir fry, green chicken curry and a red veggie curry, with either noodles or rice to choose from, a little chicken heavy you could say, but for a speedy lunch its fine.
Between the three of us we had the chicken satay, veggie spring rolls and the dim sum, all were pretty decent, I mean nothing spectacular but was ok.
The massaman curry and chicken green curry were pretty decent as well. The green curry actually had a nice coconut flavour to it, but it did lack any really heat for me. Los Latinos found it to be pretty spicy and they were happy. The massaman was inoffensive and went down well. Good portions as well which was pretty impressive.
I was surprised with The Pepper Tree as I was actually expecting it to be another Banana Tree, but it doesn’t have any airs or graces about it. It is what it is, and we were more than satisfied with what we had. Not the best in the world, but it served its purpose.

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