Sunday, 29 July 2012

Burgers Heaven @ Shake Shack

I am a devotee of Shake Shack and all they do. This for me is semi burger heaven, I wish we could have Shake Shack here in London, then I would be in heaven. I should be content with Byron or even Meat Liquor etc, but I’m not. I want Shake Shack and I want it now. I’m such a fan, I even follow them on instagram. Sad I know, maybe I should start up a “Bring Shake Shack to Blighty” campaign.
I still prefer the Madison Square Park branch as eating a burger outside amongst the greenery is something special and I enjoy it too much. We did back there but just for a shake as they are so divine.

This location is pretty good though, lots of natural light steaming in through the large windows and the large and comfy seats. We were pretty lucky when we hit here as we got a table straight away and the queue was minimal. 10 minutes later it was ramming. Phew.
One cheeseburgers, a hot dog and the cheesey fries with strawberry and vanilla milkshake, what more could you want for a Sunday brunch.
The burgers are awesome, I could go into a lengthy detail about how great these burgers are, but a million people have done this before me, and I’ve done it before as well. All I can say is if you are in New York and you love burgers this is definitely one of the placea you have to try.

The shakes take me to another world though. There used to be and well maybe its still there, a small joint called Shark’s in Dahab along the Red Sea in Egypt, oh so many years ago this was.
Their milkshakes made with ice cream and fresh fruit were just heaven in a bloody glass. I used to order two everytime and not much else. They were so good.
This is where the shakes here transport me to, they are not as good as Shark’s shakes, ut what could be, but these are a bloody close second.

I almost had a job, which would have seen me working in NYC for three months, and I know I would have eaten at Shake Shack’s at least twice or even three times a week. I’d also have to have joined a gym as well.
Shake Shack I salute you and get your ass over to Blighty. Now.

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Mr Noodles said...

Set up a campaign! I'd sign a petition. Who knows? In a dream world I can run the Din Tai Fung franchise while you run the Shake Shack one!

Mzungu said...

Mr N - I've already been harassing them to no avail sadly .......