Sunday, 1 July 2012

Burger and Lobster

I’m not sure if Burger and Lobster would have been possible a few years ago. Imagine a restaurant opening with only 2 things on the menu and both for the same price. Unthinkable. Just shows how far we have come I guess.

We merry bunch of five, really enjoyed our meal at Burger and Lobster with its buzzy atmosphere, fun service and easy bloody menu.
After residing at the bar for over an hour waiting for one of our party, who was having tube problems.
Finally she arrived and amazingly we were seated within moments, now this is how a “No Reservations” system should work. Unlike a certain restaurant on Greek Street who didn’t deem us worthy enough to eat in their restaurant. But more on that bitch another time.
Ordering here is simple, 10oz burger, 1½lb lobster either grilled or steamed with a couple of butter sauces, or the lobster roll served in a toasted buttery brioche roll.  Each of these is £20, or you can upgrade your lobster to a 2lb baby for an extra tenner. These all come with fries and a side salad.
We five chose the same, grilled lobster, and all with the same garlic butter sauce. Simple ordering, we were pretty simple really, but we were hungry and couldn’t be arse to dilly dally around.
With bibs on, we waited for our fishy meal. The lobsters were split down the middle, legs off as well. Implements in hand we tucked in.

The lobster meat was firm yet juicy, light but tasty, not the best lobster in the world, but it had swam all the way from Nova Scotia to be there that night. I’d love to know how many they get through in a sitting.
It had been quite a while since I’d eaten a whole lobster, and one I must do again. Little M lost her lobster virginity that night in an archaic frenzy of lust and debauchery getting all the meat out of every crevice. She did a pretty fine job
The fries were quite salty and well were fries really. The salad was very good and went well with the lobster, adding a different element to a fine meal.

The thing is, the following day, someone ask me how it was, and I had to think for a few seconds and recount the night. We did see one guy eating his lobster at the crowded bar, and I imagine he must have had quite a dull time. It was the group that made it such a good night, sadly not the food.
At that moment it was good, very good and we tucked in like a bunch of drunken carnivores we are, but would I return. Probably not.  

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