Saturday, 23 June 2012

Bad Sunday Roast @ The Cellars

I’ve never been a big fan of the Cellars, sitting on that lovely corner close to Newington Green. Perfect spot to sit outside and sup on a lovely cold pint as the sun slowly sets over another glorious day in Stoke Newington.

Why then am I not a fan. It’s because I rate it as one of the most expensive pubs in London, every time I’d go in for a drink I walk out skint and still sober. Not good. Well that is not the only reason, the staff annoys the shit out of me, I don’t want to bitch but they are pretty thick and the amount of screaming bloody kids in the pub at the weekend is too much. Why do parents think they can let their kids behave like shits outside their homes. OK bitch over with. Back to the real point in question.
I’d always been curious as to what the food was like inside having seen quite a few of the dishes and they looked quite good, nice big size, if a tad on the expensive side, but this is Newington Green after all.

So this given Sunday we ended up sitting in the light and airy rear of the pub ordering the roast beef and pork for a well deserved Sunday roast with a couple of beers. My Sunday lunchtime heaven.
I’m not really sure how best to describe the food that came. To say it looked bland is a bit of an understatement. Grey, grey, very grey.
To say we were a tad disappointed really is a bit of an understatement. So where to begin. Well maybe it was the lack of any real flavour in the meat, soft tatties, veg unseasoned, yorkies were a bit flat and hidden under the meat, inconsistency over portion size, maybe that’s a bit low, but it was a pretty dull uninteresting Sunday roast, and one I am trying to forget.

The crackling on the pork however was very good, nice and crisp and had some really good porkie flavour. The gravy was nice, not too loose and not too thick, they even made us some fresh applesauce, which was a nice touch. But it never made up for the naff meal we had just shelled out for.
All in all the Cellars has not redeemed itself and it’ll still be my last choice in the area, as the Snooty Fox is just round the corner, although their outside seating is not as good. Damn it.

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