Monday, 4 June 2012

Burger Joint at Le Parker – A Revisit

I love this place, the trashy look of the joint adds to its appeal. The fact that it sits inside the upscale Le Parker Merdien Hotel is a true testament to the great burgers that they produce.
I just wish we could have gone back time and time again, but alas New York has too many good places that we wanted to try. However there is always space and time to eat again at the Burger Joint.

Inside this small, intimate and kind of grimy eatery with its graffiti adorned walls, sarcastic messages form the staff, perfumed air from the grill, you know you are in burger heaven.
The menu is short and sweet, burger or cheeseburger. That’s it. I love a place that is bold enough to do a few things and a few things only, and do them bloody well.

The shakes change on a daily basis and run out pretty fast, but with two cheeseburgers, a chocolate and a strawberry shake, two fries and pickles ordered, we sat down in a booth waiting for heaven to be ready.

My name was called and I took the tray back to our table. They were as good as I remembered form 2 years ago. Bags of flavour in those slightly greasy pattys, but oh such good grease. The cheap American cheese just adds to this awesome burger. Why we are just getting good shit like this in London is beyond me. Seasoned well, cooked well this is the burger of choice.

The thick shakes punch a fruity slap in the mouth as you suck away on shake delight. The salty fries just bring everything together to complete wondrous rapture. I never wanted this meal to end. Sadly it did. As I sat there in a content warming glow, I was tempted to do it all over again, but no, too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Or can it?

I was in the running for a job that would have meant spending probably 3 months living and working in New York, until I pulled out of it, but it would have been good, as I know I’d have come here more or less on a daily basis. Good for the soul, bad for the size of my belly.
Until next time Burger Joint, until next time.

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