Monday, 11 June 2012

Fish n Chips @ The Fish Club

Now that I’ve begun working in Clapham, I’m slowly beginning to sample the foodie delights of what the Clapham area has to offer. I know it’s only going to be time before I find my sorry ass in the Pepper Tree.
But first off was the superb midweek lunchtime offer at the Fish Club on Clapham High Street, I mean £7.50p for a good sized portion of fish, chips and tartare sauce. The lunchtime I popped in, the fish in question was coley. A good sustainable fish and a member of the cod family, with a similar taste and texture it can be easily substituted for its more expensive and becoming over fished cousin.
Anyhows my portion of coley was well cooked, not greasy, juicy and flaky, nice crispy batter, chips were good, not the best but hand cut and fried almost to a crispy goodness. The tartare sauce was ok, it had a nice tang to it
I really enjoyed my lunch at the Fish Club and I’ve been trying to find a way to return as quickly as possible. My lunchtime offer may not have been the best fish and chips in London, but they are for sure in the top five.
The only thing that is disturbing me by working in this area is the Clapham Tranny. Imagine a late middle aged man who wanders down the high street in high heels, short skirts and cropped tops, but maybe its his long flowing grey hair that makes for a strange sight. Apparently you can tell who the residents of Clapham are, as they are the ones who pay this loon no attention.

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