Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Beyti Ockabasi on my Green Lanes

I’ve been living in Stoke Newington for nearly 2 years now, and been eating at the excellent Turkish restaurants on my part of Green Lanes, closest to Newington Park since day 1.
So it is kinda weird really that I haven’t written about any of them, I’ve no idea why, but this is gonna change. I was thinking of doing them all in one post, but the way work has taken over my life recently it’s easier if I do a small piece on each individually so I can excel on their virtues, or not as the case may be.
So first off on my part of Green Lanes, ie Green Lanes between Clissold Park and Newington Park, so it’s a 300 odd metre stretch of road with some great small Turkish Ockabasi’s, some good, one bad and two brilliant.
But to start off with we have Beyti Ockabsi, not my favourite by any means, but they do make some great dishes other than the normal kebabs etc.
Their wraps to be honest are just ok, after a few beers they do taste a lot better, but doesn’t everything.
The majority of my Turkish eating habits on Green Lanes is by takeaway, no reason why, it’s just unlike the king of all Ockabasi’s in London, Mangal Ockabasi, some down Green Lane lack a bit of character and atmosphere.
As I am a sucka for Iskender Kebab, this blend of thinly cut grilled lamb sitting on a mix of fried pita bread, yoghurt sauce and a hot tomato sauce. This is a lush dish and one I never tire of.
Beyti’s version is pretty good, has good flavour, shame the yoghurt was a tad thick once I got it back to the house. But it ate very well.

I also opted for the beans with lamb as well, just as a side, again put a plate of beans in front of me and I start drooling. A lovely rich tomato sauce with lovely soft beans and chunks of delicious soft lamb.
Beyti sits at the top of the 2nd tier of Ockabasi’s down my Green Lanes, but if you are after a quick bite then definitely go for the beans and bread, damn outright delicious and for £11.50 this got me two meals out of it, would have been three but I pick a lot. 

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