Saturday, 10 November 2012

Sunday afternoon Pho @ Loong Kee

We always seem to stick to the same few restaurants along the Pho Mile that I thought it was time we tried the rest and first off was Loong Kee.
The sparse surroundings of the restaurant and the very few people dining on this cold wet Sunday afternoon did not fill us with glee.
As the rain lashed down and the wind was whipping the front door open we needed warming up and pretty bloody quickly.
So very quickly a bowl of Pho Bo and Bun Bo Hue were ordered with a starter of fried rolls. Well it was too cold to have summer rolls.
I’d heard that the service here was a little below par and disinterested. We must have been lucky as we were served with a smile even when he was checking his mobile very few minutes.

The fried rolls were light and crispy, nice filling of prawns, the dip was a bit wishy washy, your normal shop brought mass product spring roll sauce. But the rolls inserted some well needed warmth into our weary cold bones.
The Pho’s were good, the Pho Bo had a very delicate stock and to be honest was a lot better than I was expecting it to be.

Te meat was as I like it thinly cut, just warmed through and with a good mix of salad leaves to add into my Pho it was a pretty good meal.
The Bun Bo Hue was typically spicy and the spice did really take away any taste of the underlying stock, but still heart warming.

The noodles were nice and al dente on both soups and thankfully the restaurant uses wooden chopsticks, as I really hate those plastic buggers. I have real problems with the noodles and make a right bloody mess.
Well there is more to life out there than just Song Que, who would have believed it, but the place does lack atmosphere, as I’ve never seen it with more than a few tables occupied.

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