Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Ramen Time @ Bone Daddies

You got to admit it’s a pretty bloody silly name for a ramen bar, as when I mentioned this to a friend they thought I was going to a gig.
Bone Daddies sits where an Indonesian restaurant was up to not too long ago, I never ventured into it and with its darkened windows you could never tell really if anyone was inside.
Bone Daddies is as Soho as a Ramen Restaurant can get, fun lively waiters, loud music, benches, high chairs that are comfortable enough for your meal but not made to linger, dark colours, mood lighting and the largest bottles of sake I’ve ever seen.

I was here for one thing and one thing only, after seeing photos on instagram of the Tonkotsu Ramen I had to have some, as it is something that is becoming more of an obsession these past years.
I am still judging all Tonkotsu’s from one I had in Kyoto on our last day in Japan all those ears ago, I haven’t had one as good since, although Ippudo in New York has been the best so far.
The menu consists of eight different ramen soups, heaven pure bloody heaven plus lots of interesting starters, I was tempted by the kare-age, Japanese fried chicken, but after a filling lunch, a noodle soup on this cold night was all that was needed.
So Tonkotsu was ordered for me and the wife had the aptly names T22. Very Soho, made with chicken broth and with the addition of cock scratchings.

The Tonkotsu broth had a lush deep pork milky flavour, something that other Ramen joints close by have failed to produce and should take note.
The soy marinated egg with its semi runny yolk was what I always want in an egg. I love it when the yolk enriches the broth when they blend together.
The slices of Chasu pork were tender and were a delight to eat. The noodles I have to say need some work, they realy didn’t do it for me at all, but it’s smething I am sure they will improve over time.
The T22 with its chicken broth and cock scratching again was screaming Soho, the broth was very delicate but very chickeny, the scractchings were little pieces of fried chicken skin and the small amount that were in the bowl were good.

If I had to bitch it would be only two things. 1. The music is too bloody loud and 2. The portion size was too small. I want more.
Bone Daddies is a very good addition to the new craze sweeping London of Ramen noodles and has now raised the bar that all others have now got to pull their socks up or get left behind.

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Mr Noodles said...

Haha! Agree on the loud music. The portion isn't massive, and I'd like to see more broth, too. That said it is a bigger bowl than its Soho rival, Tonkotsu.

Mzungu said...

Mr N - went back yesterday for a lunchtime chow. Music lower, a good sign they are listening or maybe that's why they lowered it, as they couldn't hear what was being said to them.
Portions are still disappointingly little. I want more......

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