Saturday, 16 February 2013

Song Que - A Revisit

A quick spot of lunch today at Song Que was welcome after a pretty crap few days at work.
I was only in the area because the Algerian Coffee Shop in Soho have been out of Vietnamese Coffee for a good few weeks now and are not expecting another shipment for a couple more weeks.
So a visit to the Vietnamese supermarket around the corer from the Pho Mile to pick up a pack of coffee straight from the motherland.
As I was in the area, it would be criminal not to stop for lunch. I always find this area kind of bizarre, as apart form Song Que, every restaurant during the day is always empty. The Pho Mile definitely comes alive at night.
Song Que was pretty empty on this lunchtime visit, but still had more people in it than all the rest down the street put together. It was a quiet Saturday.

I’d missed out on Bun Cha at Banh Mi Bay a few days before, opting instead for a very fragrant and tasty lemongrass chicken and potato curry with bread. Lovely.
So today I opted for one of the many Bun Cha’s on the menu. This one was with both shredded and chargrilled pork. Oh and a Saigon beer to wash it all down with.
I was a tad disappointed with the dish as a whole, the pork really lacked any chargrilled flavour, but at last it was still juicy.
The Bun Cha I tried at Banh Mi Bay was a far superior version than this one, with a lovely flame licked tasting on the pork, crispy fried spring rolls and a spicy sauce to go with.
You can’t judge a restaurant by one disappointing meal as everything I’ve ever had at Song Que has been fantastic. Let’s hope the chef was having an off day.

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A London View said...

Song Que was the first Vietnamese restaurant I visited on Kingsland Road, used to go a lot but now it is always so busy. These days we tend to go to Viet Grill. Would be interesting to know which is your favourite.
Thanks for good and hungry-making blog!

London Chow said...

Believe it or not, I've never gotten anything from Bahn Mi Bay other than.... bahn mi. :)

Will probably check out its bahn cha the next time round.

David said...

Good to see a fellow Vietnamese coffee fan! It has such a great taste a bit nutty and very rich. The brand I like is Bảo Minh (or at least that's what the packet says) which they serve at Mien Tay in Battersea and I drink one most mornings!