Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Hot Pho @ Cay Tre

I’m a big lover of the Cay Tre Vietnamese Kitchens, as they style themselves. Viet Grill and Cay Tre in Soho have given some of the best Pho and Bun Cha I’ve tasted in London.
The Old Street store, the oldest (I think) of the trio has always been walked past on my way from the station to the long line (if ever decreasing) of Vietnamese Restaurants along the Pho Mile.
This past week or so has seen some very challenging weather that is even making me recoil with horror at how bloody cold it is.
Soup was high on the agenda for this lunchtime and walking past Crey Tre, we thought what the heck and stepped in.
The restaurant is very tightly packed and we were more or less included in our neighbours conversations, thankfully no one was in the midst of an argument, so no sides were taken and relationships ended on our word.
Cay Tre has a very similar menu to its sibling restaurants with a good Pho only menu to choose from on a cold damp day.
There are a lot of curry dishes on the menu, which I’ve been noticing a lot more recently, or maybe I’m just reading the menu’s more past the Pho portion. Next time.
I’ve had the Ox Cheek Pho before a few times and heartily recommend it. The unxious taste of this piece of offal is ideal for Pho. But I was in the mood for some spice.
A Bun Bo Hue and Beef Pho were ordered and eagerly anticipated. The thought of the hot broth warming my cold bones was needed.
The Bun Bo Hue was ok, not fantastic, the broth needed a bit more of a kick, so I added an extra chilli, which after the first few nibbles, it then scorched my tongue and therefore I couldn’t taste anything more for a while. But the broth was hot and comforting. The pork and beef were plenty and were very filling.

The Pho Bo had a really strong and tasty broth, one of the best I’ve tasted in a while. I was kinda gutted I never chose that, but sometimes change can be good or maybe not.
Cay Tre is ok, somehow I still prefer Viet Grill for ambiance, but if I cannot wait until the Pho Mile it will serve me good and soul nourishing food.

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