Friday, 12 April 2013

The Legendary Burgers @ The Hard Rock Cafe

Having received an invite to sample some of the burgers on the new Legendary Burger menu at the Hard Rock Café, it was something I couldn’t pass up. 
It’s been many a year since I was last in a Hard Rock Café and I mean many a year. I used to frequent the one in Tel Aviv a few times back in the early nineties.
If you’ve ever been on a Kibbutz, you’ll know that you will drive anywhere for some decent food and once in a while a few of us would escape and travel south to Tel Aviv for some good and slightly unhealthy food and decent chips. Sometimes the food on the Kibbutz was too healthy.
The original Hard Rock Café is busy and I mean busy. I showed up around 5.30pm and there was already a 90 minute wait and when I left an hour or so later it was touching 2 hours and showing no sign of easing off.
Yes, Hard Rock Café’s are a bit of a tourist trap, but with great rock music being played and some amazing rock memorabilia lining the walls upstairs and down as well, you’d have to be a real grouch not to have a good time.
An Eric Clapton guitar sits in pride of place over the bar and a drum kit used by John Bonham was within touching distance of where I was sitting. Amazing.

So to the burgers, we opted for the famous 10oz Legendary Burger and a Hickory BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, a Hurricane cocktail and a beer.
As we were waiting our Vibe Host came by to say hi and find out if we had any tracks we wanted to hear. The list was endless but we narrowed it down to some Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix and a bit of Led Zep. All our choices began as we were tucking in to our burgers. Nice touch.
Well burgers, beer and some good old rock n roll, it’s a perfect combination that will never grow old or get out of date.

Portions are not small at the Hard Rock Café, the Legendary Burger came with bacon, 2 slices of cheese and an onion ring, as well as a lot of fries. Wasn’t so keen on the onion ring in the burger, but you could really taste the meat, well seasoned and juicy.
My Hickory Barbecue Bacon Cheeseburger was just that.  Good bar-b-q flavour, oozing in cheese and juicy meat. The bun held together well, which surprised me a little, as I’ve had too many burgers recently that have fallen apart. A very good burger.
From where we were sitting we could see right into the kitchen, and on the grill was at least 20 burgers being cooked, it seemed everyone was having burgers that night. Good choice.
As I said the Hard Rock Café may be a bit of a tourist joint but it’s a fun place and with a group of friends you will eat some great burgers listening to some classic rock tunes. Enjoy. I did.

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