Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Brunch Heaven @ Salvation Jane

I’ve eaten at Salvation Jane on many an occasion, but like most places in London I have forgotten to do a write up.
The list I have of places I have to blog about is getting longer and longer. I guess this will mean a few revisits, some that will be good, and others not so.
Thankfully I love coming back to Salvation Jane just off Old Street for some eggy brunch heaven and damn good coffee.

I prefer Salvation Jane to its older sister Lantana, not for the food, as it’s as good there as here. No it’s the space. I really don’t like being literally part of someone’s conversation, good or bad. It’s not what I go out to eat for.
No this branch has a lot more space and natural light as well, which makes eating and chatting more relaxing and you are not worrying that the waiters are trying to egg you out the door the moment you finish your meal.
I’ve only ever brunch’d here, never managed to come back for dinner, which is laziness on my part as the menu looks very good indeed. Add to the list.
The brunch menu is what keeps me coming back time after time and I can tell you it is very fine indeed, lots of eggy goodness to be had with more or less every dish.
If the dish doesn’t have a poached egg included, you can surely order one as a side dish, and for me, brunch is all about the egg.

I’ve not tried everything on the menu, but I can heartily recommend the salt beef hashcakes, the hot smoked salmon and their ultimate brunch dish and my personal favourite ham hock, beans and cornbread. All of the above come with a poached egg. Sorted.

As I said Salvation Jane is light airy, spacious, has great friendly staff and some of the best brunch food in London.
I’m glad the Aussie style brunch has been brought over here, as it was needed. There is nothing better than relaxing at the weekend with friends, good food, and great coffee and interesting chitchat. Brunch heaven.

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