Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Time with Hotel Chocolat

Well Eastertide is upon and this merry springtime festival is a very good excuse to eat copious amounts of chocolate in the form of fun time Easter eggs.
Not sure when this modern tradition of giving chocolate eggs instead of normal ones but I am so glad the leap was made. 
So I was extra happy when the other day those lovely people at Hotel Chocolat sent me a Cow Beastie Easter Egg through the post.
Sadly the Easter egg never arrived in one piece, I think sensing what was inside the posties decided to play a bit of catch with my Easter egg.
But arrived it did, and whether in one piece or not, it was an excellent egg. Probably one of the best Easter Eggs I have had.
The Cow Beastie has a stylish cocoa butter cow print on the surface, which gives it a cool look. Certainly beats the Smartie Egg I brought the missus last year.
But the real treat was the six mini praline and caramel filled eggs that came with the Cow Beastie Egg.
These little chocolate eggs of heaven were delicious, sorry for no photos but they went pretty quickly.
So if you are looking for a last minute Easter Egg or just like eating chocolate in all its forms then I would definitely recommend buying either the Cow Beastie or it’s similar cousin the Zebra Beastie. Yes it has Zebra stripes instead of a cow print. Genius, and at only £15 to be honest it’s a bargain, as you really do get what you pay for these days.
Happy Easter folks and enjoy that chocolate. 

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