Thursday, 28 March 2013

De La Panza

I’ve been so bloody busy over the last nine months that everything else in my life has taken a back seat.
I’ve not been going to a lot of restaurants recently, I haven’t been cooking a lot either as my belly seems to have been filled with a lot of Singapore Fried Rice and chicken and chips.
But after a radical change, ie quitting my job, maybe not the best thing to do during a recession, but it was needed.
So instead of writing long boring pieces on some places we’ve eaten at last month, I’m just gonna pen a few words on each and leave it at that.
First off is De La Panza, a newish Argentinean Restaurant on Southgate Road, about 15 minutes by bus and foot from Angel.
I’d heard mixed messages about the place from other bloggers and on the web, but friends suggested we meet there and as we hadn’t seen them for a while so we relented.
The restaurant has many good things going for it, like it sells large bottles of cold Quilmes and a good wine list.
The staff are very friendly and were very accommodating with our party and even gave us some paper and crayons for our little diner.
The food is not one of the highlights of this place. My Milanessa was warmed up from earlier and soggy to boot. The salad was pretty pitiful and onion heavy. The chips like the milanessa were not crispy at all.
I never tried the Bife but was reliably informed it was pretty poor and not up to standard of my fellow diners.
But we had a good time none the less catching up and having fun, which is what you are supposed to do sometimes with friends, shame the food was rubbish.
Next time though I will suggest somewhere a lot better than De La Panza.

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